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For the past year, Pennsylvania’s
long-term care facilities have been the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Their fight is far
from over.

Now, more than ever, Pennsylvania’s long-term care providers, workers and residents need our support.
We're asking our elected officials to stand up and support our healthcare heroes!

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on long-term care. Skyrocketing costs related to the continued COVID-19 response - coupled with chronic underfunding of the state's Medicaid program - could force providers to close their doors in 2021.

As Pennsylvania’s General Assembly begins to build a state budget plan, we need to make our voices heard. 

Whether you work on the front lines, or you have a family member or friend in long-term care, join us in urging our elected officials to stand up for our most vulnerable.


Infection Control and Reopening
$73 million
Personal Protective Equipment
$166 million
Ongoing Staff Testing
$77 million
Increased Insurance Costs
$55 million
Market Basket Increase
$75 million

Protect our seniors in Pennsylvania’s nursing homes, personal care homes and assisted living communities!

Show your support and take action today!
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